Air pollution across the UK causes an estimated 40,000 early deaths and affects the daily life of thousands of people who have no choice but to breathe dirty air. Illegal and harmful levels of air pollution are found not only in London but in cities and towns across the country. Despite this fact, the issue had largely failed to catch public attention in pollution hotspots outside of London.

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Working with a coalition of transport, health and environmental charities, Purpose created a campaign brand, content strategy, and social media campaign to increase public awareness of air pollution outside of London, particularly targeting parents in five key cities. I worked as the lead creative, illustrator, and content strategist on this project over a series of months. Key to our success was a rigorous message testing process and the development of highly targeted creative content that was tailored to our audience, including over 50 pieces of original items that generated 500K+ engagements and a series of offline advertisements in 80+ locations across the country.

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THe sparrow and the very smoggy City

We partnered with the amazing Oxbow studio to create an animation that would speak to severity of the issue, but also the exciting range of solutions that already exist. See the full animation here.